4 Highland Park Cops Arrested On Drug And Bribery Charges

January 26, 2013 — 4 Comments
Feds arrest 4 Highland Park police officers

Reserve Officer Shawn Williams

From MYFOXHOUSTON.COM by Maurielle Lue

DETROIT (WJBK) -- A crackdown on corruption hits hard inside a local police department.  The feds arrested several Highland Park officers on drug and bribery charges.

Highland Park auxiliary reserve officer Shawn Williams (pictured above) dodged my questions.  After less than six months of audio and video surveillance, the FBI says their case is strong enough to lock up Williams and three other Highland Park officers for more than 50 years.

"Just this past Wednesday, the four officers went to Oakland Mall where they assisted in what they believe was a four kilogram shipment of cocaine.  Each of those officers on Wednesday was paid either $1,000 or $1,500 by the source for protecting that shipment," said U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade.

Williams, officers Anthony Bynum and Price Montgomery and reserve officer Craig Clayton are accused of taking cash bribes and protecting and delivering drugs -- six kilos of cocaine -- sometimes while wearing their badges.

An FBI transcript of a conversation between Williams and an informant prove Williams knew he was protecting cocaine.

INFORMANT: You know this is big cocaine?"

WILLIAMS: I'm just doing security, man.  That's all I know.

INFORMANT: I'm just saying because if you're squeamish...

WILLIAMS: I ain't squeamish at all.

"I want to send a message to any officer out there that would consider straying that you will be discovered, you will be identified, and you will be prosecuted," McQuade said.

Highland Park's police chief was most instrumental in bringing this case to the FBI after several complaints of stolen property and police brutality by Montgomery and Bynum.

Bynum also works for Detroit Public Schools.

The FBI has proof Montgomery and Bynum accepted $10,000 not to appear in court so charges against a criminal would be dropped.  They agreed.

"And in a subsequent meeting when they were paying their bribe, the officers suggest to the man that they get involved together in robbing a drug dealer.  They presumed that the man was himself a drug dealer and could assist them in robbing a rival drug dealer," said McQuade.

Then Bynum asked the FBI informant for opportunities to make more money.

INFORMANT: What do you charge to lay a [expletive] down?

BYNUM: How many?

INFORMANT: One, would twenty be good?


An accused contract killer.  $20,000 to take a life.

Despite being accused of taking thousands of dollars in bribes, all four officers asked for a court appointed attorney.

The next court appearance is February 15.

PT - Give these wannabe gangsters the max sentence. 

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  1. NothiNg worse thaN dirty cops

  2. It is depressing to read about the criminal garbage wearing police uniforms, don’t they do background investigations anymore?

  3. so they conspiried to commit murder,[recodings], and they are on the street?of course don,t forget they face a stack of other FELONIES.

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