Officer Tried To Blackmail His Own Stepdaughter Into Having Sex With Him

September 5, 2012 — 3 Comments

Officer Tried To Blackmail His Own Stepdaughter Into Having Sex With Him


DARTMOUTH — Detective Robert Levinson was arrested in Rhode Island last week in connection with a complicated scenario that called for an adult female family member to have sex with him to satisfy an alleged blackmailer's demands, according to police reports.

Levinson, public information officer for the Dartmouth police, has been on paid sick leave since the incident, Police Chief Timothy M. Lee said Tuesday. Levinson was charged with domestic disorderly conduct in Middletown, R.I.

"When he returns from sick leave, we will be making an administrative decision," Lee said.

Contacted Tuesday by The Standard-Times, Levinson, 43, said: "Everything is not as it would seem and my family is being very supportive of me. ... They know that the way the story is being portrayed is not the full story."

According to the police report, on Aug. 19, Levinson showed the woman a letter and photos that were purportedly of her naked along with photos of him clothed.

The letter said she and Levinson had to send photos of them having sex to an email address or the compromising photos allegedly of her would be sent to her employer.

The woman, who lives in Middletown, R.I., maintained the photos were fake, police said.

Levinson said he did not know who the letter was from but that it could have something to do with his job as a detective, the police report said.

The woman told him to contact police but he said "I am the police" and that he had not reported anything, according to the report.

On Aug. 22, Levinson contacted the woman and said the person who claimed to have sent the letter and photos had called him at the Dartmouth Police Department on the main line and they met at a "remote location."

He described the man as a "shorter male wearing sunglasses, a baseball hat, motorcycle gloves and shorts," according to the report.

Levinson told the woman the call wasn't recorded and that the caller ID came up as "unknown."

Levinson said that when they met, the man gave him a video camera and told him he had 24 hours to make a videotape of him having sex with the female family member, according to the report.

Levinson offered to pay the man off or go to the District Attorney's Office and say he had lied about whatever case may have been involved but the man insisted on receiving the videotape.

Levinson subsequently asked the woman if they could make a video that looked like they were having sex and then edit it so as to trick the supposed blackmailer, but she refused and contacted Middletown police later that day, according to the report.

Levinson surrendered to police there on Aug. 31 and was arraigned the same day in Newport, R.I., District Court. A continuance date was not available Tuesday night.

PT - Did he actually think that plan was going to work?? How is it possible that this idiot is a cop??

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  2. I think it sounds legit…

  3. What an Idiot, I cant wait for the “Real Story” to come out

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