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Off-Duty Beverly Hills Officer Arrested on Suspicion of DUI After Simi Valley Crash - NBC Southern California

Off-Duty Beverly Hills Officer Arrested on Suspicion of DUI After Simi Valley Crash - NBC Southern California2

From NBCLOSANGELES.COM by Jonathan Llyod

An off-duty Beverly Hills police officer was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after crashing a pickup into a utility pole, house and retaining wall late Tuesday in Simi Valley.

The pickup, the officer’s personal vehicle, came to a stop upside-down on top of the retaining wall. The crash also ruptured a natural gas line, prompting a response from utility crews early Wednesday.

“The damage was mostly contained to the retaining wall and the side of the house,” said Sgt. James Buckley, of the Simi Valley Police Department. “No intrusion was made into the house.”

Two homes were damaged in the crash. One of the homeowners said she was in bed with her dog watching television when the house started shaking.

“He hit the telephone pole and knocked the bottom half of the pole out,” said Jean Donato, a 40-year Simi Valley resident. “Then it took out my retaining wall, the fence, the pool equipment, the air conditioner, the gas line, and then hit the corner of my house. The car ended up flipping and coming through my bedroom wall.

“It was just pure shock. I was scared to death. I was just real grateful to be alive.”

Donato’s first concern was the condition of the driver.

“It’s a miracle that man’s alive,” Donato said as she looked at the damaged wall and fence on her property.

Jeffrey Sweet, 42, was booked into Ventura County Jail after the 10:30 p.m. crash near the intersection of Blackstock and Royal avenues. He was treated for minor injuries at the hospital.

An internal administrative investigation will be conducted by the Beverly Hills Police Department, according to a statement from police. The Simi Valley Police Department will conduct the driving under the influence investigation.

PT – How hammered was this cop?? 

Cop Stole Thousands From Black Police Officers Association To Fund Gambling Habit

Vernell Reynolds, a former Miami cop who stole thousands from a black police officers association to fund her gambling habit, will learn her sentence Wednesday afternoon in federal court.

Reynolds was head of the Miami Community Police Benevolent Association, founded by one the department’s first black police officers in 1946. The group advocates for black officers and devotes efforts to charity work to benefit the inner-city.

Several years ago, senior members of the group discovered thousands of unauthorized debit-card withdrawals from Reynolds.

She later was indicted on 16 counts of wire fraud for the embezzlement scheme that lasted from September 2008 to June 2010. The police department has since fired her.

Reynolds was accused of using an association-issued debit card to access its credit union accounts to make unauthorized cash withdrawals, personal purchases and money transfers to her personal credit union account. Thirteen of the withdrawals were made at the Seminole’s casino in Hollywood, and one was made at another Indian casino in California, records show.

PT – Did she think no one would notice? Or maybe she thought she could win it all back playing blackjack.

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Cop Fired For Having Marijuana Laced Food

An incident in Kansas involving a Metro police officer and marijuana-laced food resulted in his firing.

The trouble started in June when Officer Edward Karl, 34, was driving through Topeka, KS, after his honeymoon in California.

Officers in Kansas had set up a fake drug check point, then followed drivers who tried to exit the Interstate.

Investigators said Karl and his wife pulled into a parking lot and dropped a bag into the trash that had “several food items containing marijuana, along with a small quantity of loose marijuana ‘buds.’”

The couple later admitted to getting the illegal narcotics from a friend while visiting California.

PT – Sounds like they were high and got paranoid. Otherwise he probably would have made it through the fake checkpoint. 

Cop Accused Of Raping Burglary Victim; Wanted Sex In Exchange For Return Of Stolen Property

Patrick Lefler, a Bakersfield police officer, was arrested last week in connection with alleged sexual extortion and is also under investigation for unrelated accusations of raping a woman while in uniform and sexually assaulting her with his baton.

He has not been charged with either offense.

Lefler was arrested July 18 in connection with allegations of refusing to return stolen property to a burglary victim unless she had sex with him. He’s alleged to have sent her sexually explicit text messages.

In the alleged sexual assault, a woman living in northeast Bakersfield says she was visited by Lefler during the first week of June in relation to a burglary report she had filed.

While at the home, Lefler allegedly forced the woman onto her bed and ordered her to remove her clothing. He then penetrated her with his baton, penis and fingers.

The victim said she attempted to fight off Lefler and repeatedly told him to stop during the sexual assault, but she was unsuccessful.

The woman says Lefler told her not to tell anyone and that he may return. She said she did not immediately report the incident because she feared for her safety.

PT – Hard to prove your innocent when TWO women come forward with allegations against you. This guy is nothing but a sexual predator hiding behind a badge. 

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Sacramento Sherrif's Deputies Accused Of Illegally Selling Guns

Photo Source: AP

Federal prosecutors have charged deputies Ryan Mcgowan and Thomas Lu with trafficking handguns that can’t legally be bought in California.

The officers are accused of using their peace officer exemption to buy dozens of weapons and then selling them to others for a profit.

Prosecutors say some of the guns that were illegally sold, wound up in the hands of criminals.

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